Silk-RTM.exe installation module does nothing

I cannot install the silk project; when I run Silk-RTM.exe that I got from the project download page, and click Yes to accept terms, it shows a quick progress bar, then ends with a message box enti...

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Remove IUnitOfWork

Since the pattern is used incorrectly, I propose that it be removed to avoid confusing developers who look to the Silk project as something off of which to model new projects.

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A project with an output type of class library cannot be started directly message

Even if I have set MileageStat.Web as start up project, I still get the dialog message "A project with an output type of class library cannot be started directly" Could you please help ?

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Multiple errors when running initial build

I tried the OpenAuth fix in web.config and that did not resolve that issue either, but here is a list of all the build errors I'm getting below. Also the NuGet installation working without issue. T...

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Section or group name 'dotNetOpenAuth' is already defined

It seems that there is an extra section definition in the web.config file. After installing the required Nuget Packages and completing all required steps. When running the application the following...

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Run issue on Visual Studio 11 Express Web Edition

After installing the external js scripts and running the NuGet installer script the project won't build on VS 11 Express Web Edition because of the Code Analysis feature. Fortunately this can be ...

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Usage of Repository Pattern

Thanks for the awesome work! Here are few inputs regarding the way repository pattern being used here: By definition a repository is: Mediates between the domain and data mapping layers using a...

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Strange assignment to local variable in profilecontroller.cs edit methods

Clean up the strange local variable assignment in the MileageStats.Web.Controllers.ProfileController.cs class: the MileageStats.Domain.Models.User function argument "updatedUser" in "Edit", "JsonEd...

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Documentation in EPUB or MOBI

User OscarK: Would it be possible to release the documentation in a format for us with E-reader! Thanks in advance!

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Hi, The user nachid has mentioned the following in this question ( from the discussions: "I started playing with this new project. The first thing I...

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